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This was inspired by the Company’s Mango farms with the idea that real ingredients taste best. Kulfi Bhai takes pride in creating a lifestyle moment where the Kulfi enthusiasts are welcomed as part of the Kulfi Bhai family and going the extra mile. Kulfi Bhai has become a household name in UK, with a strong fan base for the delicious kulfi who celebrate kulfi culture each moment, each day.

Kulfi Bhai at present has internationally expanded, offers home delivery across UK and has since sponsored major shows on TV. 


Mariya’s Gelato started in 2014, five people with one dream, make the best gelato in the World. 


The products are made with love, choosing the best ingredients and using the most authentic Italian processes. Mariya’s Gelato are not just gelato makers, they are curious, snazzy and perfectionists!


Sweetheart Ice Cream is built from the passion of creating the best ice cream and individual desserts, by using high quality sourced ingredients and our talented team of ice cream dessert experts. The meticulous internal quality control processes, the core focus has been on delivering the best product at all times whilst adding value to businesses.


Our Sweetheart™ collection includes our Premium Ice Cream, Torte Cakes, Milkshake Ice Cream, Cookie Dough and Sauces.


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